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About Us

Endswell Water Cremation and Urn Gallery

Endswell is one of only three providers of aquamation in North Carolina, and the only one located in Central North Carolina. As people learn about aquamation and the benefits of choosing this method of final disposition, it is becoming increasingly popular as an option for end-of-life care. Learn more about the aquamation process and its many benefits on our Aquamation Page.

At Endswell, we pride ourselves on addressing multiple challenges in the death care industry. Two of those challenges are transparency and affordability. Many funeral homes do not disclose pricing on their websites; and their packages are often confusing and complicated. Whether planning a funeral service or a simple direct cremation, potential customers must call and request additional information about services and prices. Endswell provides clarity, transparency, and affordability by offering one simple funeral arrangement at a straightforward price.

Endswell is a family-owned business, founded by long-term North Carolina residents. We are a part of the local community, and we strive to build lasting relationships. By offering simple, affordable, water-based cremation, we demonstrate our commitment to our community and to future generations.

Working With Endswell



Endswell is available 24/7 via phone and email to assist with arrangements.


Pick Up

We work with reputable transportation companies to ensure the safe and timely transportation of your loved one.



We assist with the necessary paperwork and help obtain death certificates.



We provide water cremation in a gentle alkaline solution.


Ashes Returned

We ship or hand-deliver your loved one’s ashes in an eco-friendly urn.


Hunter Beattie

Founder, Endswell

Our Story

While sitting near a cemetery in Carrboro, North Carolina, I read that former Archbishop of Capetown, Desmond Tutu, had chosen to be aquamated. Coincidentally, no more than 50 feet away, a grave was being prepared. I sat there, considering the non-biodegradable caskets, the carcinogenic chemicals like formaldehyde, and the practice of cutting off public land from productive use by the community. These characteristics of our modern burial practices stood in stark contrast to Tutu’s decision to be aquamated.

Over the next few days, I read countless articles about green burial, aquamation, embalming, cremation, funeral care and anything else related to this sphere of human experience that goes largely unnoticed until we need these services. On day five, I purchased an aquamation machine. It seemed impulsive at the time, and my wife and I both questioned my sanity; but every experience along this journey has confirmed that this adventure will be a profound and meaningful one.

After my father’s traumatic death, I buried his loss and my memories of him under an avalanche of diversions and distractions. Starting Endswell is both an offering to this community as well as my own attempt to heal my relationship with loss and grief. Funeral care involves the profound act of caring for the deceased – of being the last person to care for the body. It also involves being present and supportive of the individuals facing their own death or the death of their loved ones.

Death can feel disorienting and isolating, especially in a society that wants us to get back to “normal” after the funeral. From my own experience, I know that grief is not linear. And each step along the death journey is incredibly impactful. One of the most vulnerable parts of this journey is trusting a funeral home to care for the body of the person you love. This requires intimate respect, consideration and experience.

At Endswell, my hope is that you, your family, and friends feel supported, informed, and connected during this process. Each family I meet is an extension of my own, so I want to thank you for putting your trust in me. It is an honor to serve you and this community.

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