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Mària Ellen Horvath

In Remembrance
October 16, 1967 - April 25, 2023


Mària Horvath, born October 16, 1967, in Durham, North Carolina, to John Steven Horvath and Priscilla Marsh Horvath, was a one-of-a-kind powerhouse who touched the lives of all who knew her. A passionate gardener with a lifelong interest in the art, Mària’s love for gardening was influenced by her father’s family’s Hungarian vineyard and her time working the land in France in her 20s.

An intuitive healer and teacher, Mària had a natural ability to identify alternative treatments for various ailments. She was described by a close friend as “a sweet giving soul, like the tree in the book The Giving Tree, who gave and gave and gave from all that she had until she had near nothing left to give.” Mària formed deep connections with people of all ages, impacting everyone she encountered.

Mària was a lifelong learner, both in traditional and worldly aspects. She cherished her mentors and eagerly passed on her knowledge to others. A natural nurturer, she made children feel special, and they loved her in return. Mària’s relationships were her forte, making soulful connections with everyone she met.

Mària was an ardent traveler who embraced her Eastern European heritage, living and visiting many places throughout her life. She knew where to find the best and purest forms of various goods and was always happy to share her experiences and discoveries. Her adventurous spirit and creativity shone through her love for gardening, as she enjoyed watching things grow and working hard physically and mentally.

Mària’s charm and charisma endeared her to everyone. A generous person, Mària valued memories, experiences, and relationships over material possessions.

After obtaining a Horticulture Therapy degree, Mària found joy in working at Butner, where she combined her passions for gardening, teaching, and nurturing those in need. She played a significant role in bringing her fellow therapists together to support each other during the pandemic. Maria’s love for soccer led her to join a women’s league, where she impressed everyone by keeping up with younger players despite her stage 4 cancer diagnosis.

Mària Horvath will be remembered for her enriching presence, unwavering kindness, and the indelible impact she had on the lives of those she loved.

She is survived by her father, John Steven Horvath, her mother, Priscilla Marsh Horvath, her brother Charles Miklos Horvath, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, from North and Sound, as well as countless others whose lives she touched.

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