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Melinda Rae Marcus

In Remembrance
May 26, 1955 – November 19, 2023


Mindy Marcus, devoted wife, mother, sister, aunt, and daughter, passed away on November 19, 2023.  Mindy was born in Paterson, NJ, and raised and educated in Fair Lawn, NJ.  Mindy graduated from Livingston College division of Rutgers University in 1977.

Mindy was an independent, outspoken, strong-willed individual.  Upon graduation from college, she began working at a Datsun distribution center in Piscataway, NJ.  Subsequently, in 1979, her supervisor left the company.  Mindy believed she was the most qualified candidate to replace him.  When a man with no background in the automobile industry was hired, Mindy received another lesson in sexism in the working world.  She quickly submitted her resignation and applied for a job in the attached auto parts warehouse.

It was here that she began working with her future husband, Glenn Holzapfel.  Mindy and Glenn quickly became friends and working partners.  They found that they had many mutual interests in common, including movies, sports, music, shows, a love of animals, and politics.  After seeing a movie together and a couple dinners, the relationship grew.  Soon, they were living together.

Mindy and Glenn considered it vitally important that they supported each other and worked toward the same goals.  So, they stayed together during their subsequent spotty work histories and financial ups and downs.  In Mindy’s case, her independence and strong will were a mixed blessing.  It won her some jobs and cost her others.

In 1986, Mindy and Glenn decided they needed a break from the working world.  They stored their furniture, packed the car, and hit the road.  They spent the next 6 months camping their way across the country, first west to California, then north to British Columbia, and back east through Canada.  After returning home to the East Coast, they both worked at Princeton University for the next couple of years.

Eventually, in 1989, they became restless once again, so they packed their bags and relocated to Chapel Hill, NC with no jobs and not much money.  Eventually, they both began working at Duke University.  In 1997, Mindy’s pride and joy, her son Matthew was born.  Over the years, the three of them had many great adventures, including trips to Jamaica, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and England.

It was during a vacation in the Bahamas earlier this year that Mindy wasn’t feeling well.  After examination, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Despite her illness, Mindy was determined to do the things she enjoyed.  She attended plays and concerts, and made several trips up to Washington, DC to see Matthew.  She and Glenn recently made a trip to Las Vegas to see The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil show and took a side trip to Austin, Texas.

Mindy fought courageously for six months, enduring numerous chemotherapy and other procedures.  However, in November, she lost her battle with cancer.  Her strong spirit, individuality, and love of life will be missed by all who knew her.  Mindy is survived by her husband and best friend, Glenn, the pride of her life, her son Matthew, her brother David and sister-in-law Liz, brother and sister-in-law Alan and Sally Holzapfel, and many nieces, nephews, and cousins.

Anyone wishing to make a gift in Mindy’s memory can do so by donating to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network or The V Foundation for Cancer Research.

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