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Urn Gallery

The Endswell Urn Gallery and Reliquarium

The First Art Gallery Dedicated Entirely to Unique Urns and Relics

Endswell’s goal is to identify gaps in the funeral care industry—to distill what’s missing and discover what we can offer. In our initial research, we realized that the urns offered through other funeral homes all looked the same—seemingly mass-produced, imported products. We wanted to offer something different, something special.

Endswell recognizes the uniqueness of every individual and the immeasurable impact on those they have left behind. This is why we created the first urn gallery, to provide something unique and beautiful that honors those we love and the lives they lived.

The Urn Gallery and Reliquarium feature urns sourced from local North Carolina artists, from the mountains to the coast. We carry over 200 urns and relics in materials like metal, wood, ceramic, felt, and glass. We provide a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and colors; and we are always incorporating new and interesting urns made by local artists into our diverse collection.

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