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Gentle. Respectful. Simple. For our bodies and the Earth.

At Endswell, we recognize that death is a time to honor life. We provide a simple and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional funeral care while offering our presence, consideration, and support during this difficult time. While nothing can fill the void of loss, our priority is making sure you and your family have what you need in the immediate aftermath of a death. Endswell’s simple and affordable aquamation service covers everything you need from start to finish.

Death and Loss Are Difficult

After-Life Planning Shouldn’t Be

We’re here to reduce the stress and confusion that people often encounter when planning both their own after-life care and that of their loved ones. We offer open and honest communication, as well as simple and transparent pricing. By providing Aquamation directly to the community, Endswell strives to make the end-of-life planning process more straightforward and easier to navigate. We want to ensure that families have the time they need for the decisions that matter. We are always available to sit down with you and answer questions and offer support. As a locally owned and operated business, we’re committed to building a relationship with the families we serve.

Simple. Honest. Affordable.

At Endswell, there is no upselling, no hidden fees, and nothing unexpected. We offer one simple arrangement with straightforward pricing of $2500; and we take care of every part of the process:

Transportation of the Deceased

Filing Necessary Documents

Gentle Water-Cremation

Placement in an Eco-Friendly Urn

Aquamation: A Better Alternative for After-Life Care

Endswell is the first water-based cremation facility in Central North Carolina. Water cremation, also known as Aquamation, is a simpler, gentler, and more environmentally friendly option that avoids greenhouse gas emissions and consumes only a fraction of the energy as flame cremation. Bodies are cremated in a gentle alkaline solution that accelerates the natural decomposition process and returns the body to its elemental form. After the cycle is complete, bone mineral remains are returned to the family.

Communities across North Carolina are running out of space in local cemeteries; and flame cremation releases toxic compounds and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. We offer a new way that benefits us all. Endswell is committed to caring for the environment and the well-being of our community. By providing water cremation, we honor this commitment to future generations.

At Endswell, we are reimagining the traditional funeral home and introducing people to an alternative option that is cleaner, more practical, and heart-centered. Through our eco-friendly aquamation and person-to-person care, we provide genuine support to families during life’s most difficult transition.

Visit Our Carefully Curated Urn Gallery

Urns should be as unique as the individual you’re honoring

cremation urns

“I started Endswell to provide a simple, affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to end-of-life care. Working with individuals and families who are facing their own mortality or the loss of a loved one is profoundly meaningful to me.”

- Hunter Beattie, Founder, Endswell

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