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Aquamation: A Simple, Eco-Friendly Alternative to Fire Cremation


Over 90% energy savings when compared to flame-based cremation.


No burning of fossil fuels.


No direct emissions of harmful greenhouse gases or mercury.


20% more ash remains returned to the family.

Raleigh, NC Aquamation

Endwell Aquamation offers water cremation in Raleigh, NC. Our affordable $3500 aquamation service includes transportation from Raleigh North Carolina to Endswell Water Cremation in Hillsborough, NC.

Aquamation is an environmentally-friendly alternative to fire cremation that uses 1/10th of the energy and produces no greenhouse gas emissions. Aquamation is a gentler and simpler process that is better for the environment. Endswell Water Cremation offers one affordable cremation package in Raleigh North Carolina for $3500 that includes everything the family needs: transportation, aquamation, death certificates, an obituary, and an eco-friendly bamboo urn.

If you are searching for Raleigh Water Cremation or Raleigh NC Aquamation, contact us today to discuss our services. You can call Endswell Water Cremation at 919.907.9777 or Contact Us to discuss our affordable aquamation service in Raleigh, North Carolina.

How Aquamation Works


End of Life

Endswell ensures the safe and careful transportation of the body to our aquamation facility in Hillsborough, North Carolina.


Place the Body

After Endswell completes the necessary paperwork, the body is carefully placed into the sterilized aquamation chamber.



The alkaline solution flows around the body and breaks down soft tissue in a manner similar to the natural breakdown that occurs in the earth.


Finalize & Clean

The process takes approximately 5 hours to complete. A rinse cycle is performed and the machine is brought back to room temperature.


Collect the Remains

The remains are broken down into the consistency of a powder or sand and returned to the family in an urn.

Death and Loss Are Difficult

After-Life Planning Shouldn’t Be

Whether you are planning for after-life care decades in advance, for imminent end-of-life care, or you and your family need our services now, we’re here to reduce the stress and confusion people often encounter. One simple arrangement and we take care of every aspect of the process. There’s no upselling, no hidden fees, and nothing unexpected.

Losing a loved one can feel paralyzing. Endswell is here to answer any questions and help you plan and prepare both before and after the death occurs.

Simple. Honest. Affordable.

At Endswell, there is no upselling, no hidden fees, and nothing unexpected. We offer one simple arrangement with straightforward pricing of $3500; and we take care of every part of the process:

Transportation of the Deceased

Filing Necessary Documents

Gentle Water-Cremation

Placement in an Eco-Friendly Urn

FAQs About Aquamation?

The process takes approximately 5 hours, depending on the weight of the body and the operating temperature of the equipment.

When it’s time for the aquamation process to begin, the body is carefully placed in a stainless-steel vessel. Potassium hydroxide and water are added to the aquamation chamber and the machine is sealed and activated. The solution of 95% water and 5% alkali is heated to 200- 300°F and gently circulated for the entire length of the process.

No. Unlike flame-based cremation, the aquamation process does not use a box or a casket. Additionally, clothing is not typically used unless it is protein-based (silk, wool, or leather). Prior to aquamation, our experienced team carefully places the body in a simple biodegradable cover that breaks down during the aquamation process.

Very low. The aquamation process uses less water than a single household uses in one day. This includes all the water used for the process, along with the clean water rinsing of the remains and the vessel.

In many ways, aquamation is closely tied to the green burial movement. Both methods of final disposition represent a departure from modern burial practices that are often elaborate, expensive, and bad for the environment. Aquamation and green burial are both simple, affordable, and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional burial with embalming. Endswell is also happy to recommend local green burial providers.

At the end of the aquamation process, all soft tissue has been broken down, leaving behind bones and a sterile liquid. The effluent, or remaining liquid, is released for recycling at a local water treatment facility. When the operator opens the door, only the inorganic bone minerals remain. These minerals are processed into powder and returned to the family in an urn. This final processing step is the same process that follows flame cremation.

Yes. This is a choice for you and your family members. Note, all embalming fluids will be completely broken down during the aquamation process. Also, please know that Endswell does not perform embalming; but we are able to connect you with a funeral home that offers this service.

Urn Gallery

Urns should be as unique as the individual you’re honoring

cremation urns

Our mother was very afraid of fire and did not want to be cremated. We learned about the Aquamation process and she agreed to it when she passed. Endswell helped us through a very emotionally difficult time in our life with respect and grace. We celebrate our mother’s life with beautiful urns that sit on our mantles. Thank you Endswell for a peaceful experience.

~ Kim A. and Maria G.
Devoted daughters of Judy

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